Guilford Environmental Studies Distinguished Scholars Program


In April 2009, the Environmental Studies Program of Guilford College was selected as one of the few colleges in the country to receive a grant from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation. One of the core purposes of the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation is to “preserve and promote the environment.”

The Environmental Studies program is proud to announce that the program will use this grant to support merit-based student scholarships for study abroad and internship opportunities that demonstrate values and interest for the environment. We are now accepting applications from students interested in studying abroad at programs focusing on interdisciplinary, environmental studies learning.

What programs can I attend with assistance from the scholarship?

Our preference is to provide assistance for Environmental Studies majors applying programs that we have determined to be most compatible with our existing program mission. EcoQuest in New Zealand and the School for Field Studies program represent our two preferred programs for this support.

Who can apply?

Preference will be given to sophomore and junior Environmental Studies majors. Additional preference will be given to applicants that have completed ENVS 101 as well as at least one natural science and at least one social science course related to Environmental Studies. Applicants to EcoQuest must have completed 48 credit hours of college-level coursework, one natural science course, and one social science course before beginning the program.

How do I apply?

All materials necessary to apply are available on the Environmental Studies website. For Spring 2013 or Fall 2014 study abroad programs, disbursement of funds is contingent upon your acceptance into the study abroad or internship program you have selected.

To apply for a scholarship, you must provide the following completed materials in a folder with your name on the outside:

  1. A completed application
  2. A one- or two-page letter expressing your specific interest and qualification in the program
  3. An unofficial copy of your transcript
  4. Two letters of recommendation from faculty members that support the applicant’s interest and qualifications for the program (letters should be in a sealed envelope with the faculty member’s signature across the flap, or they may be sent directly to Dave Dobson by e-mail at

When are the deadlines for submitting the application package?

All application materials must be given to Dave Dobson (Frank 215) no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 26, 2013. All application materials should be in a folder with the applicant’s name on the outside cover.

Use these links to download the application form

ESDS Application Form (Word – editable) 

ESDS Application Form (PDF)