Geology 340: Images of the Earth
Lectures Mon/Wed 10:00
Lab Thurs 2:30

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Dave Dobson

Frank 215C


Tues/Thurs 11:30-1:00
Wed 12:30-2:30


Readings and class demos:

Week 1: 
- Michael Pidwirny and Scott Jones, PhysicalGeography.Net - Fundamentals of Physical Geography Ebook (2e)
Read Chapter 1a, 2a-f

Week 2:
- Wikipedia - List of map projections
- GMT manual pages (in lab handout)
- Snyder, J., USGS, 1994 & 1997 - Map Projections: A working manual - this is very dense, so certainly don't read it all, but the intro information and the pictures are good (Alternate link at Google Books)
- Anderson, P., 2004, A Gallery of Map Projections (Big list of projections with examples)

Week 3:
- Leveson, 2002 - Resources for Geology I: Contour Maps (a little cheesy, but the information is good and the drawings are very helpful)
- GMT manual pages (in lab handout)

Week 4:
- ESRI - What is GIS? (read all sections)
- ESRI - A quick tour of ArcMap
- ESRI - A quick tour of ArcCatalog

Week 5: - ESRI - What is GIS? (read all sections)

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:
- Schneider and Martin-Michiellot, 1998 -Detailed VRML Manual
- Mateti, 2000 (course notes at Wright State University) Virtual Reality Modeling Language
- Wings3D community - Wings3D User manual
Note: Absolutely no need to read all of any of these - just have a look and familiarize yourself with the introductory stuff

Week 9:
Vermont School Exercise
Portovelho deforestation data (Landsat bands numbered from 0, so 1-3 are BGR)
Silk Road on Wikipedia

Week 10:
West Virginia Coal mine images (source here)
GIMP Software (Portable installer)


Course Materials

Projections Slides
Contouring Slides
GPS Slides
Images Slides (Raster images and Image compression)
Matrix Man affine transformation demo
Midterm Review Sheet
Final Project Guidelines
Grand Canyon elevations
Stowe, VT data
Coal Mine Images

Lab 1 - Introduction to Longitude and Latitude
Lab 2 - Using GMT

Lab3 - Contouring Techniques

Lab 4 - Intro to ArcGIS

Lab 5 - More with ArcGIS

Lab 6 - Raster Data and Georeferencing

Lab 7 - 3D Modeling

Lab 8 - 3D Visualization in ArcGIS

Lab 9 - Fun with rasters

Information for the Final Exam

Old ERMapper Exercises
ERMapper 3D Visualization activity
ERMapper Aral Sea Classification activity